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Ucycle design bikes are conceived in Barcelona with the objective to rethink the design of pedlecs. We are aware that the best solutions look simple and therefore we have worked hard to achieve an e-bike design that looks and feels like a normal bicycle. We refuse to accept solutions that look like a bike with a battery box or a frame attached to a middrive motor.

For us the pursue of seamless integration starts with the very first sketch and continues on and on with each new feature and each new model.

We have been brave: our batteries are integrated in the frame and not easily removable. We offer the possibility of extra battery capacity with a battery support, but we are convinced that in most of the situations, an integrated battery is more convenient, has less incidents, lasts longer and is safer.

Abandon traditional design of bicycle tube. The unique 3D model highlights the metal texture. Except that, even in the mode of no power, the display and lights can work well that keep the rider safety.


Ucycle design bikes may have a simple look, but have been equipped with the best technology to ensure your comfort. The riding experience is controlled directly by Ucycle thanks to its own mid-drive motor. Our bikes can be controlled through our own App, can offer connectivity through Bluetooth and provide the option to integrate a speaker in the frame. Lights are fully integrated in the top tube and are controlled with an integrated on and off button. The same on and off button is used to start the electric assistance.


At Ucycle we design solutions that last. All our prototypes are tested in very extreme conditions and comply with all European regulations.

When deciding components, we have chosen reliable brands that perform. We use Panasonic, Nexus, Spanninga, Zoom, Kenda…

When it comes to small details, we have paid much attention. The head tube has been designed to guide the handlebar cables, we provide a support for an extra battery and a bracket to install GoPro.

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Ucycle is a Spanish company that creates a new generation of pedelec bikes.

Ucycle ebikes satisfies not only the technical and comfort needs for a commuting bike but also represents a vanguard in design of pedelecs.

Our company designs, develops, and manufactures the bikes and mid-drive system with the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance.

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Ucycle Offices

Av. Francesc Macià, 60, Pl. 15 2º
08208 Sabadell
Tel.: +34 93 725 39 62

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