High torque Mid-drive motor with torque sensor

It can precisely collect the data of each pedaling movement and the force. According to the information, it adjust the power output. Especially, in the condition of climbing, against the wind, etc, torque sensor system can precisely collect the pedaling force changes by rider. Even though in long distance and large angle ramp, it can continuously support the power as rider’s purpose to prevent the rider from injury.

During climbing, as rider pedal harder, the motor can output strong torque matching with rider pedaling force; especially, in long distance ramp, its torque output will vary with the rider’s force. It’s in the charge of rider pedaling all the way.

No reluctance

Mid-drive motor separates from wheel hub to make it no reluctance in any state. It avoids the effects by wheel hub motor reluctance.


  • Ulta compact middrive system
  • Elegant, minimalist, lightweight
  • Adaptable to any bike
  • Powerfull 80Nm
  • Easy to install

  • Drive unit: UCYCLE MT02 250W
  • Maximum Torque: 80NM
  • Maximum Load Revolving Speed: 80~90RPM
  • Noise: <45 dB
  • Weight:  <3,8 kg
  • Display: UCYCLE MIN with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery: Panasonic lithium ion, 36V 10Ah
  • Controller: vectorial controller
  • Charger: 36V 2A
  • Chain Wheel: 46T/52T